It’s Fiesta time!

Hello, My name is Moni and I welcome you to Fiesta, a little spot of the internet where I will write about people, places, style, food, money, spirituality, relationships, health, possibly politics, beauty and definitely travel.

You may be wondering why I chose to call my blog fiesta. Well, this is a great question and to be honest I just like the word fiesta. In almost every context, fiesta puts a smile on my face. I can’t help but feel good as it rolls off my tongue and simultaneously I’m either reminded of something good or envisioning some sort of communal activity that involves dancing! It is both close to my heritage (Mexican American) and colorful, two of my favorite things. Also, it reminds me to celebrate life, highs and lows, as well as every sober moment I’m blessed to experience. Let me explain:

  1. After two plus years of recovering from Ovarian Cancer and Encephalitis (brain inflammation) I’m finally at a place where I can enjoy life again. This personal breakthrough has proven pivotal in my recuperation as I was suffering from a mix of survivor’s remorse, loss and gain. Yes, I’m living, breathing, officially in remission and should be over the moon times infinity. But, this wasn’t and sometimes isn’t the case because in a strange way it’s a lot easier being sick than living. I’ll most likely share more about this state of mind during the course of this blog, so hold tight as I’m still processing my thoughts.
  2. I’m ready to explore and write again. I’d been shy to see my words in front of me, let alone share them in with human beings. Also, I’ve been internally yearning to have the right to be creative but in a new way. While I identify with the person I was before being ill, a Brooklyn artist who thrived on whiskey, wine and chocolate, I’ve lost a lot of her due to physiological memory loss. Therefore, its been a battle of feeling free to be me with and without her.
  3. During recovery I’ve clinged to my computer as my eyes, ears and gateway to what’s happening. From the 2016 election to the Paris attacks of 2015 and Nasa’s latest planet discovery 2017, I’ve become best friends with Google updates. That being said, it’s time to dig deeper and engage again. I’m envisioning writing about real life experiences as opposed to chat sessions or social media posts. More importantly, I want to write about things that I physically engage in and create original content. So often regurgitating content is much easier than concepting and creating a story from scratch. Thankfully I’m hungry for life and would like to Maybe a story that I write will push me to It’s allowed me to feel apart of life to dive deeper into my love of expression by publishing stories that mean something to me and hopefully you.

So there it is, my blog’s purpose and mission. I’m sure it will change as I evolve and that’s a good thing because it’ll will be a testament to growth. Also, I’d like to kickstart this blog with an invitation to my readers to share their thoughts via comments. In a time where writing or most anything journalistic is somewhat open to harsh criticism or straight up bigotry, I openly proclaim that fiesta is a place for respectful exchange. What’s a fiesta without people, right?


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