Learning How To Write Again

Somewhere in between recovering and living I forgot what it feels like to write. To hold a pen and put thought to paper by hand. It’s been all too easy to speak in Emojis or tex giving no thought as to whether I’d actually lose tactile skills of physically writing.

Only two short years ago I genuinely could not write my name. “Write your name, Moni” whispered my Cognitive Therapist. My response: deer in headlights and eyes locked on her crooked smile. My slanted smirks and hours of confusion would eventually pass BUT my ability to actually write is still rusty. Sometimes illegible. For reasons I do not fully understand, every time I grab a pen to write, I get nervous and a slight bit scared. This has been my reality and tonight I took a first step at rectifying it.

For the next 3 months I’ve committed to practice school board cursive and even attempt Calligraphy. This afternoon I purchased a Quarto Knows tutorial book with calligraphy and script tips. After 20 or so odd minutes of writing, my hand began to tingle and a slight cramp. I have no idea of where my script skills will be in four or five months but expect an update as well as additional thoughts of possibly creating a pen pal network.

More to come. XOXO

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