5 Things To Do On A Flight Without A Laptop Or Cell Phone

dc3bbe2ed4e4a264c07855826fe02addFlying the friendly skies sometime soon? Here are a few tips while traveling sans laptop or cell phone.

  1. Enjoy a pre-planned snack. Yes, that’s right. Pre-planning and snacking are a thing especially when traveling. Rather than dive deep into work, sit back, relax and pop open a juice box or nibble on chocolate covered almonds while you snuggle into your seat. Soak in lift off while you sip on sparkling water and wash down the jalapeño chips you’ve been daydreaming about. A little down time won’t kill you. It’ll do the opposite.
  2.  Read something new. It doesn’t have to be a New York Times Bestseller or one from Oprah’s List. It should be something that intrigues you, such as a recipe book, western, mystery novel or even self help book. The idea behind this tip is that you a) took time to pick out the book yourself and b) are actually reading. Also, the importance in picking something new is that the content be out of your everyday purview. For example, if you are an accountant from 9-5 then maybe choose a book about gardening or politics. Such exposure will enhance your outlook and surely inspire your next adventure.
  3. Breathe. How sweet it is to deep breathe, the kind of breath that feels intoxicating and all around euphoric. Follow that up with sitting back and you will be on a pathway to relaxation and possibly unexpected nap, which is never a bad thing.
  4. Write a letter. I recently wrote letters to a lover and it was all together nerve racking and exciting. I don’t think I’d written a letter in years let alone one crafted to exude affection. So, on your next flight consider writing a letter to a friend, loved one or one of thanks. You won’t regret it.
  5. Make lists. There is a 50/50 chance that you will not do anything on your lists post flight BUT the act of just writing is in many ways cathartic. Let the list be a spasm of words and thought that you need to simply jot down. This is not a journal or blog entry. It is a list with a beginning and no ending. Something of this magnitude is freeing and allows us to start something and finish it as we see fit. #justlistit

Have any other ideas on what to do? Let us know in the comments and happy travels.

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