Get Sleep

img_4218As I type this blog I’m lying in bed and it’s roughly 12:30 am Central Standard Time. I should be sleeping but alas another night of  sleep is passing me by because:

  • I slept in this morning
  • I generally don’t keep normal sleeping hours. PHD in Night Owl right here.
  • I ate too much ice cream at dinner and now I’m hyped on sugar

Maybe admitting all the above, most specifically the ice cream bit, is TMI but I’m at a crossroads of exhaustive sleep or peaceful bliss. Also, thinking that seize this moment and blog about how much sleep I should be getting I’ll be inadvertently be blessed with deep sleep? After writing that last sentence I’m guessing this is a lofty idea however I do believe in the power of positive energy so this post is to simply say the following:

Get sleep (Moni).

Whatever efforts you or I can put into respecting sleep is worth our time and energy. Why? Because our bodies repairs and re-energizes themselves during sleep tenfold as opposed to daylight hours. Sleep is right up there with oxygen and when nights like tonight creep into our lives’ sleep cycle it’s time to reflect and adjust our sleep regimen. Meaning, we could put more energy into sleep prep – what we do before I turn into bed. Here are some examples:

  1. Sit for at least 30 minutes and review the day in silence. No phone or TV allowed.
  2. Listen to music as I change into my Pjs
  3. Light a candle as I fold down the bed
  4. Massage my feet with Aveda oils (my favorite)

If you happen to try any of my sleep prep tips above let me know if they work. I’m intent of giving them a go (again) and hopefully our paths will never cross again at this ungodly hour.

Buenos Noches.

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