Blog Review: WordPress Or What?

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It’s been a busy week of back and forth about one thing: should fiesta by Moni continue on WordPress or move to another platform. This should be an easy thing to decide but I’m now at whits end and thinking that if I just share what I’m going through then maybe somewhere out there in the blog universe my answer will be given to me. So here we go.

  1. seems to offer a built in community and other hosting companies don’t. This is MAJOR in my book and I’m thinking the new wave of the future when it comes to buying a hosting package.
  2. I’m not down with the simple fact that no longer lets you pick or customize your blog using an “outside” template, beyond what they offer in their premium packages. It’s uber disappointing because a) I could never find a template I loved in their premium options and 2) the customization is not that easy. (Sad face).
  3. Blogger and Square Space were two other options I considered but again, their online “built in” communities were null.

I’m wondering your thoughts about blog platform and the points I made above. Maybe I’ve missed a platform that is perfect or I’m over thinking it and should just choose a theme and go from there. Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to our exchange.

Cheers! Moni

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