Spring To Summer Fashion Report



It’s really easy to transition from Spring to Summer when there are overcast days and windy evenings. For some reason, a sharp contrast in weather always signals a season change as well as cue to rethink my wardrobe—So what better time than to produce my first collaborative fiesta fashion photo shoot with photographer Becca Violette. Plus, I secretly wanted an excuse to dress up and ditch my cute activewear πŸ˜‚Up until now, I’ve been taking my own photographs for fiesta or my Mother has. Yeah, that last part might be a surprise to many, but she has been incredibly supportive of this blog! As she mentioned to me last week:

Blogging has allowed for you to flourish, not only in your mind, but in actual artistic expression—this is something you might have lost touch with while recovering from Ovarian Cancer—but it’s back!

For this post we headed out to Cole Park, which is right by the Bay of Corpus Christi and next to a local amphithere. I wanted to wear something easy and light so I chose a side-zip “slip” denim dress from Old Navy. The fabric is astonishingly breezy and light even after several washes which is a huge bonus! I paired it with a gold necklace, my Aggie Ring (Whoop!), prayer beads from Jerusalem, a coveted Tory Burch bangle (with FitBit chip inside), and gold hoops from Dillards. Last but not least, I had to wear a pair of pink weaved slides I found at Salvation Army and a Vera Bradley tote that never seems to go out of style.

In the coming weeks and months I’m excited to share more of my personal style with you and before I do, I wanted to say one thing:

Anything I wear or promote on this blog is because I genuinely feel it’s an expression of myself at 38. By this time in life, I’m not going to overinvest or underinvest in anything that’s not worth it! Also, I’m a true scavenger hunt shopper, always looking for something unique to wear or gift. Expect to see me dressed “high to low,” all the while giving you a greater sense of me. Mom I’m winking at you πŸ˜‰ 

xo Moni

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15 thoughts on “Spring To Summer Fashion Report

  1. AmoyLily

    Summer is fast approaching and one of the best things about warmer weather is the chance to wear your prettiest dresses for no reason all, except to feel beautiful. I like your dress and necklace. Chic and cool outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

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