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I’m not sure this Thanksgiving could be any more bountiful than it already has been in only 24 hours. Let me explain.

I’ve managed to spend time with some of the most important people in my life with nothing more than to eat, drink and be merry. It’s almost poetic the way everyone is so happy around me and it’s brought up a thought: what if life were like this all the time? I’m not sure I’d be a proponent of such non-stop sentimental luxury but I will say this, I like it!

Something else happened–I reconnected with individuals I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. Those moments were sweet and reminded me how important human connection is. With certain people years can go by but when you’re in one another’s presence it literally feels like yesterday you were finishing each other’s sentences. No chiches…

I end this short entry with one more highlight, I’m starting to remember and retain memories. If you’ve been following my blog you’ve read of my struggles with memory retention due encephalitis and overall Ovarian cancer recovery. Well, today I had a major memory recall, one of me in my beautiful Brooklyn, NY sewing shop. I was hemming the pants of my then lover–chatting about his upcoming trip to Lison, Spain–drinking a nightcap as I effortlessly sewed by hand. It was normal, this sewing part of me. And I LOVED it!

I’m not sure why this memory popped up in my mind but it was bright as day and I relished it as I walked to our local bagel shop, Rock Star. I actually picked a withering rose along my way, reminisced as if it were yesterday….



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