When in doubt, read and write.


One thing that my current MBA program has taught me is that reading and writing are the tools to success. It sounds so simplistic and a little plane but it’s the truth.

Think about it, if we didn’t read then we would not be privy to excitement via text messages or subtitled French Noir films. And if we did not write, then we wouldn’t have the ability to express emotion on paper. Sure, we’d be able to explore or share our voice and physical movements but the ability to write is absolutely freeing.


I came to the above conclusions recently while pitching articles to past magazines that I worked for while living in NYC. Most of them are fashion based and a few lifestyle. All of them are on a hunt to gain more readers. Identifying what people are most interested in is sometimes hard. Is it the photo tutorials or actual words that drive purchase? By the time this is decided upon before close date (publishing lingo), a monthly zine has most likely experienced some sort of catch 22 trying to stay on trend.

Such exhaust reminds me of when I used to write notes in class—folding them into paper airplanes and passing them to my crush every so secretly.

He never noticed my perfect penmanship or beat box rhymes.

Or the times when I had to read countless letters while interning at Seventeen Magazine. Were both laborious in nature? Yes. But where they exciting? Double Yes!

For anyone to assume that words are not being consumed by consumers would be such a miss. It’s words that form love languages and reading them is pure bliss. And, it’s being able to write such via pen and hand that can be utterly romantic if given the chance. Personally, I think that if I had spent more time reading and writing in my youth, I would be quite versed in explaining why I am in love with poetry. And then I think that if I had become saturated with literature or complex vernacular at a younger age, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. See—my own catch 22 in motion.

Whatever the case I urge you to read something new this week. Fall deep in words and then write how you feel. Don’t hold back, even if you feel slightly awkward. It’s the journey that counts and your story awaits to be told.



PS. The images in this post are inspirational to me. Some our mine (me @ NYC 42nd Street Public Library), the posters from a recent trip to NYC’s Facebook office and others I found via Pinterest.

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