Pardon My Poetry

I might have mentioned a few times over that I’m in love ❤️ with poetry. I’m not sure when this crush began or morphed into a such deep appreciation of words. During college I was first an Engineering student and do not remember taking any creative writing courses. So, I suppose it began on the streets of NYC, where I listened to beat-box artists on the subway or spoken word at local cafes.

My knowledge of POETS is always expanding. I lean on the New Yorker or Paris Review to introduce me to New writers. The latest one is Frederick Seidel.

On top of Mount Olympus,

You were too violently beautiful.

The above pictures are of his poem Hymn To Aphrodite. Within the first two streams of words I was hooked. Words like “lobby” and “terrifying” struck a chord with me. He goes on unapologetically to express emotion and thoughts gracefully.

Someday, someday I will write like this. Till then, I wanted to share a new discovery with you that will be keep company for many moments to come.

xo M.

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