Website Building = 1000 Baby Steps

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 3.13.49 PMWhen I set out to publish this website I was looking for the following:

1. A simple design
2. An easy HTML platform
3. A photo centric template
4. Mobile publishing options
5. Paypal friendly
6. Customizable
7. Tied to a tech or help forum with a high response rates
8. Tag driven
9. Analytical reporting ready
10. #Hot and #Lit

And, I’m happy to report that I found most of my list via this website template and WordPress. This fact is somewhat shocking and all too ironic. Let me explain.

Back in the day, circa 2009, I paid about $2000 for my portfolio and retail shop websites to be designed by an NYC Graphic Designer. I considered this a steal and in many ways given the year it was. Fast forward 7 years and I’m sitting cozily in my Lazyboy while customizing a cost affordable template with my own web skills—as well as enjoying every minute.

There’s something special about doing this on my own.

While tinkering away at this dot in the online-verse I’m a) learning b) stimulated and c) giddy. Yes, downright tickled so much so that stomach butterflies comes about me almost every time I log into WordPress. I sometimes feel sorta guilty for enjoying this blog so much. For instance, Typekit fonts, HTML code and even post formats are euphoric. I dream of space shortcuts. Not to mention, I feel empowered each time I log out. As if I’ve accomplished something tangible and 100% me.

I’m sure this website will be a compilation of  at least a 1000 baby steps but I’m cool with that. There is no work deadline to meet in publishing content because I never really know what I’ll be writing about on any given day. And, for my friends who may pop in and out contributing to this blogspace, I’m not putting them on a deadline either. No, no and no. Last and most importantly, it’s sweet to not feel outside pressure to of be on “trend” (a term used a lot in my prior 9-5 gigs). This fiesta is my space and then I’m excited to throw an impromptu word party every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

TTYL and xo.