As Told By A Woman Entrepreneur


Good morning, how are you doing today? Let me know in the comments section so that I can keep up todate on your happenings and on that note, I wanted to share a new update from me: I’m kickstarting a new series entitled “As Told By A Woman Entrepreneur” and will be writing about being starting my own business and invite other bloggers to share their stories too. This post recurring theme came to mind because I have recently launched my Arbonne Independent Consultant business, which means, I’m officially an entrepreneur again. Here are a few details on how that happened plus a brief history of my journey as a woman entrepreneur.

That’s right, before fiesta I was a sewing artist living and thriving in NYC by the name of Sew Moni. My business was focused on empowering people to explore the art of sewing or any textile art we could teach out of my sewing studios. I managed to build my business from my Ft. Green Bedroom to actual store fronts in two Brooklyn neighborhoods. Also, I continued to freelance in the PR and Marketing Fashion Industry bringing even more awareness to my crafts company and bottom line: revenue. Owning Sew Moni taught me the grit of business and importance of passion. If it wasn’t for being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2016 I would most likely still be up and running but life has it’s own sweet agenda.Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 9.37.40 AM.png

While recovering from cancer and encephalitis (brain inflammation) I’ve had ample time to think about what I want to do next with my life. In the beginning stages of re-self discovery I honestly thought nothing could top my NYC life experiences. To this day, I miss cobble streets, bustling streets, Prospect Park and the list goes on and on and…But I was SO wrong. Enter an online MBA program via TAMU-CC and Arbonne, two new chapters of life that have swept me off my feet. Let me explain.

Getting an MBA or some sort of Masters was something I’d thought about doing before I was diagnosed with Cancer. And, right before I was hospitalized, I had been accepted to Brooklyn College, as an undergraduate to take prerequisite courses for a few master’s programs I was considering. But I got sick and life took it’s course. Fast forward 2 years and I was contacted by a recruiter about TAMU-CC online MBA program. Being an Aggie alumni I thought, “Well, why not?! I love business and having been an entrepreneur via Sew Moni, this seems like a good step. It’ll give me something to do while undergoing immunotherapy and recovery.” So I applied, was accepted, and now I’m only 5 classes away from finishing! The perfect scholastic storm had arrived and it was up to me to ride it’s winds. Seriously, if it wasn’t for this MBA program, I’m not sure my mind or body would’ve survived chemotherapy.

Being a student has allowed me to engage online with fellow MBA students all over the world, create new friendships, dive deeper into business logic, and learn. How cool is that?

While plugging away at my MBA I found myself searching and dreaming of ways to get my body back. You see, cancer and encephalitis drugs can leave you zapped, sluggish, overwhelmed, and with a very slow metabolism. As in, I’d gained quite a bit of post treatment weight and didn’t know how to make healthy steps to lose this excess weight. You might be thinking that I could’ve just gone to a gym or found something on YouTube to inspire me. Well, I’m the type of person who needs community, encouragement, and specific guidelines to experience results. Thankfully, I’d seen Facebook posts via friends talking about how they were about to “embark on a “30 Days To Healthy Living with Arbonne.”

At first, I was skeptical about Arbonne, but after having my dietary questions answered, as well as finding out that the 30 Days To Healthy Living Program was Vegan and Gluten FREE, I signed up!

From our Arbonne Facebook support group to weekly check-ins with my Arbonne sponsor, I managed to drop 15lbs in 30 days. Thereafter, I began trying more Arbonne products (RE9 Facial Regimen and nutrition bars) soon finding myself becoming “Arbonne-ized.” Signing up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant within the next few weeks was a no-brainer. Yup, a sceptic at first but a believer in the end, I’m now embarking on building a business that’s partnered with a fantastic wellness and beauty company that I 100% believe in and have personally experienced. Life truly feels like I’m living my initial dream but times 10 😍


There you have it: a true story as told by a budding woman entrepreneur! I plan to share more posts like this ( where I will share my bizz journey) in hopes that it will inspire your business dreams. PS. I’ll be embarking on another 30 Days To Healthy Living with Arbonne starting May 15th. If you’d like to join me just send me a message so I can answer any questions, help you sign up at 40% off, and connect you to our FB support group. I’m here for you!

xo Moni

DIY: Address Book Makeover


Since I’m still old school, I searched far and wide for a notebook where I could handwrite my contacts as well as keep in my purse. Also, I envisioned one with side “letter” tabs. It felt as if I’d never find it but I finally did at the Dollar Store 🙌🏽 ! Only, it’s cover wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as I wanted it to be. Not to fear because a simple #fiestabymoni DIY came to mind: decorate my address book with paper tape.

Metallic Paper Tape or Matte Tape is somewhat buzzing in the DIY world. From using it in journals to posting “don’t forget notes” on your fridge, it’s an easy way to stick and create! For my planner DIY I simply did the following:
1. Cut enough strips of tape to cover my target design area.
2. Place first round of tape (bottom layer) side by side
3. Take top layer of tape (Metallic as shown above) and weave through base layer of tape.

The difference is kinda uncanny and all together perfect 😍 Let me know if you give this DIY a try and cheers creativity in the future. xo Moni


Friday Mood


Woke up this morning and made a few inspiration images and self encouragement pics via Canva for me to stare at all day long and then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I share this via fiesta?!” Sometimes I forget that the purpose of my blog is open and real about anything. So, maybe you’ll relate to my dry shampoo secret not-so-much secret or my mental “I’ve got this!” motto that I repeat to myself at least 8 times a day. These routines of mine bring me comfort in knowing that all it takes is just a little self love to get me through the day, especially Fridays.

xo Moni

Sunday Inspiration

Sundays are for sleeping in, dreaming and taking time out to relax. I used to work furiously on Sundays, burning my candle at both ends but no more. I’m over that and honestly, I’m not sure why I took to working on Sundays with such a vengeance.

So many retail Sundays.
So many Soho Sundays in a grand loft office in front of a Mac.
So many sluggish Sundays sewing, a passion that would grow tired because it became work.
So many Sundays catching up.

I alone am responsible for my Sundays past and allowing myself to squander what’s supposed to be a day or rest. Yes, there was money to be made and responsibilities to be met, but at what expense? I guess what I’m trying to express is that I’m finally at a point where I say no to work on Sundays at whatever cost. I now have personal boundaries, Sundays included, as well as set by me and me alone. I do not want to work on Sundays because I’d rather commune at church and reflect on the week ahead; make plans for my future with family and friends. And when I’m not doing the later, I want my Sundays to be sacred. PJs in bed, french press coffee, eggs, toast, jam, reading, napping and repeat all day long.

What about you? How do you feel about your Sunday?

PS. Below are images I snagged from the world wide web, the first actually being a sketch of what I hope will be my garden soon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.47.39 AM.png

tumblr_oeecaqSICa1uddel6o1_1280.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.39.51 AM.png