Right Now

Drum 🥁 roll please…

  • Right now I’m loving my Rejuvenique oil by MONAT. It’s an essential oil I’ve been using for my face and hair over the last six months. Not only do I “swear” by it, I’m officially giving it a #monimusthave, something I don’t do often unless I 💯 believe in a product.
  • I’m enjoying the transition from winter to spring and attending a lot of happy hours 🍾 Not just to have a beer or cocktail but to meet interesting people I might not meet in my neighborhood. I ventured to the Renaissance Hotel in Plano, TX yesterday and wow! It’s gorgeous and so inviting. The “R” above is just an example of its eclectic style and chic lighting. Did I mention I also met someone, too 😍
  • Pastels are typically a Spring must have in my closet but I’m more into muted pastels plus prints. My top above is from Anthropologie and is a light rayon blend that feels smooth on my body. I’m trying my best to only invest in things I absolutely adore and this top for that criteria to a tee.
  • I’ve decided that I will only use the words “I love you” or “I love” unless I really do. Sometimes I catch myself throwing the “Love” word around like water. Must stop now…
  • Last, but not least (and not pictured), it’s Holy Week! It’s been a time of sincere reflection and rest. I’m great full to have had a few extra hours to myself contemplating my life, asking God for guidance, the universe for positive and simply being still. I strongly encourage everyone to take time for themselves, even if it’s not tied to a religious reason.

Let me know how you are doing! I want to hear your story.



10 Healthy Tips On How To Break Up

Breaking up is never easy, plain and simple. But sometimes, it’s what must be done in order for one door to close and another to open. Recently, I had to break up with my past. As in literal past not past-ex. Due to encephalitis, I’ve lost 10+ years of partial memory. Also, I can’t seem to remember details about intimate relationships, family or key friendships during that time. It’s those memories I’ve been mourning and recently had to break up with. So here I am, writing about breaking up with my past and crossing my fingers this advice might serve as mature steps to take when breaking up with someone or something. Here they are:

  1. Spend time with yourself and decide 100% that this is what you want to do. Meaning, don’t do this for your family or friends. Do this for you.
  2. Eat and drink healthy leading up to breakup. A good 48 hours of clean eating will be your saving grace, trust me.
  3. Jot down 2 reasons why this breakup is necessary. For example: I do not share the same lifestyle or I do not see this as a long term relationship.
  4. Do not tell anyone you are going to do this unless they are 100% trustworthy.
  5. Ask your current partner to meet somewhere safe to talk.
  6. When you meet-up, address the topic immediately and respectfully. No pointing the finger or yelling. Also, keep your voice at a constant volume.
  7. Listen to your partner. This may entail hearing things that could potentially make you sad. Understand that these words might be out of shock or hurt so don’t turn aggressive. Stay calm.
  8. After you’ve listened, walk away. Please, do not say “Thank you for listening” as the “Thank you” may be construed wrong. Just say “I appreciate you meeting me and I should go now.”
  9. Go somewhere and hang out by yourself and preferably with no alcohol in arms reach. Try catching a movie with a big bag of popcorn or a baseball game. Anything that can take your mind off of what just happened.
  10. Wait at least 72 hours before you speak to your ex-partner. You’ll both need time to cool-off and whatever you do, stick to your plan. After all, you accomplished step 1 with 100% honesty so surely being at step 10 may be sad but bearable.

The above steps can be dotted lined to confronting your past or even leaving a job. The important thing is that you took the time to confront your life and not ghost, ie. ignore. Let me know what you think in the comments or use #fiesta in your social media comments. xo Moni

PS. Do not post anything negative about your ex on social media. Best to steer clear of promoting toxic energy.

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Eat Your Greens

img_5249Ask yourself one question: Did I eat anything green today?

I’m guilty of going an entire day without eating one single green thing, not even a Gummy Bear. Why is this a not-so-good thing? Because “Greens are the No. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health” according to Jill Nuddinow, MS, RD. Not only do greens have an incredible source of fiber and nutrients, they’re protectors of the heart and diseases such as diabetes.

As a cancer survivor I can attest to the benefits of eating greens, not because they may or may not prevent a relapse of remission, but because they just make me feel good. The following usually transpires after a consuming greens:

1. Happiness
2. Regularity (female cycle)
3. A natural glow about my face and skin

Let me what you think about greens. How do you cook them, how often do you eat them and what’s your favorite> Inquiring minds want to know.

Greens shown are from my kitchen in good ol’ South Texas!